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Food Value of Milk

No single food is as widely known around the world as milk. In the United States, people consume more milk than any other beverage except water. One important reason for this is that milk is a leading source of many nutrients. Milk is also used as basic ingredient in many other foods and recipes, from soups to desserts. Think about all the foods you eat that contain milk.

Food Value of Milk

Do you like yogurt? Do you find yourself snacking on cheese? These are two of the milk products that you can use to help satisfy your daily milk requirements. Without consuming milk in some form, you would find it difficult to get the minerals — especially calcium — that your body needs. In addition, milk and milk products contain some of most nutrients required by the body.

Protein - These are two main proteins in milk — casein and lactalbumin. These are complete proteins. A liter (1.06 quarts) of milk supplies more than the daily requirement of five essential amino acids and over half of the dail…

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