How to Make Wilted Spinach Salad

How to Make Wilted Spinach Salad
Have you noticed lately how many people are eating salads? Due to the growing popularity of salads, many restaurants now feature a salad bar as an important part of their menu. This has called our attention to the great variety of foods and salad dressings that we can use in salads. All kinds of delicious combinations are possible, from a single ingredient, such as sliced tomato, to a tossed green salad with grapefruit section, croutons, and bacon bits, topped with a creamy yogurt dressing.

Salads have become so much part of our eating habits that they may be served as any part of a meal — even as the main dish. Salads stimulate the appetite, brighten a meal, and provide contrast to the other foods served. Perhaps most important of all, salads, contribute valuable nutrients to your diet. So, do make a salad and learn this recipe! 

  • 225 g (1/2 pound or 6 cups) fresh spinach
  • 60ml (1/4 cup) chopped onion
  • 120 ml (1/2 cup) white mushroom, sliced thinly
  • 2 slices bacon
  • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) cider vinegar
  • 10 ml (2 teaspoons) lemon juice
  • 2.5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) sugar or honey
  • 1 boiled egg, peeled and sliced


  1. Wash spinach and pat dry
  2. Remove stems and tear into bite-sized pieces. Mix with green onion
  3. Cook bacon until crisp. Drain on paper towel.
  4. Add vinegar, lemon juice, mushroom, and sugar to bacon fat. Heat
  5. Gradually add spinach and onion.  Cook over medium heat, 3 to 5 minutes or until spinach is slightly wilted.
  6. Add the egg slices. Serve immediately. Yield: 4 servings

Nutrition Information per Serving(Approximate)
calories 105
protein 4g
fat 8g
carbohydrate 5g
sodium 140mg


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