Tips - Buying Fresh Fish

Buying Fresh Fish in the Market
Fresh fish is highest quality and lowest in price when it is in season. For thi reason, you should become familiar with the kinds of fish available in your area and the season when each is most plentiful.

Near the shores of New England, haddock, flounder, mackerel, cod, and lobster are abundant. Farther south, there are weakfish, shad, tuna, crab, oyster, and scallops. In the Gulf of Mexico, there are large quantities of shrimp, crab, oyster, pompano, red snapper, and spanish mackerel. The Pacific Ocean and the rivers flowing into it are noted for such delicacies as salmon, sole, halibut, and king crab. Inland lakes and rivers supply trout, pickerel, and perch.
You should buy only fish that is well refrigerated or packed in ice. Fresh finfish is available in all styles and cuts; fillets and steaks are very popular, You will find that lean fish are delicate in flavor, white fatty fish usually have darker flesh and stronger flavor.

Look for these characteristics of freshness.
  • The eyes are bulging and clear-looking
  • The gills are bright red
  • The scales cling tightly to the skin
  • The fins feel stiff, and the flesh is firm and elastic to the touch
  • The flesh has a mild odor.
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