Best Way To Cook Vegetables

Everyone wants to eat a nicely and not overcooked vegetables for their diet. I'll share to you different the different ways on how to cook  vegetables.

To cook vegetables, put it in a boiling water already to conserve the minerals and  vitamins. Only enough water must be used  in cooking without allowing them to get scorch, then continue cooking until the vegetable is done.

For white vegetables, they should be cooked only until they are tender.

For yellow color vegetables such as carrots, squash and sweet potato, baking is best, carrots can be steamed to preserve their food value.
Zucchini, Sweet peppers, Corn, Onions, Potatoes, and other variety of vegetables can be done through grilling to remain their crispy sweetness. 

You can also roast vegetables such as asparagus, squash or onions to preserve vitamins and minerals. Roasting helps to preserve not only vitamins and minerals, but also flavors that can be lost with boiling.


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