Exploring Foodstyles - Okra

Okra (o’kra) is an important part of Southern and Creole cooking. The okra pods, which originated in West Africa, are cooked as a vegetable or used as an ingredient in soups. They can be stewed, French-fried, served with a sauce, or baked Au gratin (with cheese) or with tomato and rice. Okra is also used to thicken and flavor This famous Louisiana soup contains tomatoes and other vegetables and spices, in addition to meat or poultry and okra. This picture shows okra shrimp gumbo.(You can also use chicken instead of shrimp)


    1lb medium shrimp (cleaned and devined)
    2 Cups okra (chopped)
    2 Cups peppers (chopped)
    4 Large tomatoes (chopped)
    1 onion (chopped)
    1 bunch spring onion (chopped)
    2 Stalks celery (chopped)
    4 Cups chicken stock
    2 Tbsp coconut oil
    1/2 cup dill (chopped)
    1 Tbsp ginger (paste or shredded fine)
    1 Tsp old bay seasoning
    1/2 Tsp cayenne (or chili)
    2 Tsp sea salt
    1 Tsp cumin

    Heat coconut oil. Saute raw shrimp with all the spices and ginger for about 4 minutes
    Add chopped okra and saute another 2 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes, celery, peppers and saute for 2 minutes.
    Add chicken stock and fresh dill and simmer for 30 -40 minutes till mixture thickens.


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