Food For Convalescence - Tips

Food For Convalescence - Porridge
Convalescence is the period of recovery from an illness. Food is an important part of recovery. It provides nutrients for fighting disease and repairing body tissue. Unless a special diet is prescribed by a doctor, meals for a sick person are similar to normal meals.

A sick or convalescing person is less active. The food offered should provide fewer calories, without cutting out essential nutrients. If a sick person does not have much appetite, smaller, more frequent meals might be more appealing.

Mealtime can break the monotony of an inactive day for someone in bed. You might help the person help the person sit comfortable before bringing the tray. Make the meal appetizing. Set the tray conveniently and attractively. Put a nice place mat and napkin on it. Add a flower if you can. Use colorful dishes and glasses that do not tip easily. Use attractive garnishes, especially if the menu prescribed by the doctor appears bland.

When helping a sick person at mealtime, remember that disease is easily transmitted by food. Use disposable dishes, cups, napkins, and place mats when necessary. Clean serving utensils and lines that will be used again.

At the same time, be sure the person preparing and serving the food is free of illness. A sick person can catch another communicable disease more easily than a healthy person.

Food is often part of medical treatment for people with long-term diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A modified diet must become a permanent part of their lifestyles. But, therapeutic advice on food and drugs should come only from a medical professional, Then the physician's order must be carefully followed. Diagnosing your own dietary problems or taking advice offered by friends can delay proper medical attention. This can be dangerous to health.


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