How Can We Control Sugar in Our Diets?

How Can We Control Sugar in Our Diets?
Nowadays, we have to develop how we control the sugar in diet especially to those who are diagnosed with diabetes. Planning a set of nutritious breakfast with the consult of doctor will help you a lot to control your sugar. Here are some tips and ways how can we control our sugar daily. Consult a specialist or your physician before doing this tips.
  • Drink fruit juice or unsweetened ice tea instead of soft drinks.
  • Eat fresh fruit for snacks or desserts.
  • Buy fruit canned in its own juice rather than in heavy syrup, or drain the syrup and rinse the fruit.
  • Use plain gelatin and unsweetened fruit juice instead of sweetened gelatin powders.
  • Compare foods at the stores and buy those without added sugar.
  • Use less sugar in tea, coffee, and other beverages.
  • Buy unsweetened breakfast cereals and sweeten them with fresh fruit rather than sugar.
  • Add fruit to unflavored yogurt rather than buying flavored varieties.
  • Stay active. Exercise!
  • Prefer eating foods rich in fiber, protein and green foods such as vegetables(cooked, roasted or raw).
  • Improve sleeping habit.
  • Don't skip meals, our body tends to produce sugar to our livers if we let our stomach empty.


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