What Are the Minimum Requirements for a School Lunch?

Many parents worry about their kids health and so they have to know if their children is eating appetizing and nutritious food at school. There meal should be balance;both appetizing and nutritious, for them to eat all the food you prepare. Here are minimum requirement for a school lunch that will guide you in preparing your kids lunch box.

Meat and Meat Alternates

56g (2 ounces) edible portion of lean meant, poultry or fish, or 56 g (2 ounces) of cheese; or 1 egg; or 125ml (1/2 cup) of cooked, dry beans or peas, or 60ml (4 tablespoons) of peanut butter; or an equivalent combination of these foods

Vegetables and Fruits

180ml (3/4 cup) serving consisting of two or more vegetables or fruits or both. A serving [60ml (1/4 cup) or more] or full-strenght vegetable or fruit juice may be counted to meet not more than 60ml(1/4 cup) of this requirement

*Vegetables and fruits count sas two of the five components of the school lunch


1 slice of whole grain or enriched bread; or a serving of the other bread. such as cornbread, biscuits, rolls, muffins, made of whole grain or enriched meal or flour

Fluid Milk

0.24L (1/2 pint) of fluid milk as a beverage.


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