What is Cholesterol?

This is a lipid very much like fat. Many people know the word (cholesterol because of its possible link to heart disease. Yet few people realize that cholesterol is an essential part of every cell in the human body.

Cholesterol helps form vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight. It is also an important part of many hormones and bile. Cholesterol comes from foods that are high in animal fat. But your body makes most of your cholesterol. Even if you limit your cholesterol intake, your body will make what it needs.

Scientists do not fully understand how cholesterol, high-fat diets, and cardiovascular diseases are related. However, cholesterol is found in fat deposits inside some pe0ple’s arteries. If your blood contains high levels of cholesterol, you may have a greater risk of heart disease than other people.

Unless you have a doctor’s advice, do not drastically reduce the amount of cholesterol in your diet. But most nutrition experts agree that people should eat only a moderate amount of fat.


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