What's New in Cookies and Types of Cookies

Years ago, a delicious, protein fortified cookie was developed. Because it contains the same amount of protein as a hot dog, this cookie can be used as a light meal. In addition, it is moist and will not crumble; it will keep for more than 3 months without losing flavor or nutritional value. Four varieties of the new cookie are now available: oatmeal, brownie, toffee and sweet potato.

Types of Cookies

Drop cookies - Made from a soft dough, which is pushed from a spoon onto a baking sheet in the size desired; less evenly shaped than rolled cookies

Rolled cookies - Cut from a thin sheet of a stiff dough with cutters of various shapes; evenly shaped and usually thin

Refrigerator cookies - Cut from a roll of a dough which has been chilled until very stiff; less evenly shaped than rolled cookies, and thick or thin, as desired

Molded cookies - Made from small portions of a stiff dough that are shaped or molded with the hands; may be left in shape of balls or slightly flattened

Pressed cookies - Made from a stiff, rich dough that is forced through a cookie press to make cookies of various shapes

Bar cookies - Made from a soft dough and baked in a shallow pan; when cool, the baked sheet is cut into oblong or square shapes, as desired


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