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Did you know that bread was originally flat? It was made with flour and water, then set out on a stone to bake in the sun. The discovery of yeast was an accident. Wild yeast carried by the wind fell on some dough and made it rise.

Today, there are many different kinds of yeast breads that you can either buy or bake at home. Bread in its varied flavors and shapes can add interest and valuable. nutrients to your meals.


This yeast bread takes its name from its shape. Bagel is a Yiddish word meaning ring or bracelet. A bagel is hard and glazed on the outside, with a tough, chewy texture inside. It is made of wheat flour (sometimes in combination with other flours) and water. Some recipes also use eggs and onions. The dough is cut into shaped, dropped briefly into water that is almost boiling, and then baked. Bagels are often eaten with cream cheese as a breakfast or brunch food.


Babka is a Polish coffee cake. This yeast bread is flavored with orange rind, raisins, almonds, and dried citrus fruits. It is usually a high, cake shaped bread with a hole in the center. A thin icing is put on when it comes from the oven. Babka is the Polish word for "little old woman"

Pita Bread

Pita bread is a kind of flat bread. It was first made by mixing grain meal with water.  The dough was baked on heated rocks. Pita bread, common in the Middle East, is made from durum wheat with little or no leavening. It is a very thin bread which is sometimes use as an eating utensil to scoop up other foods. It can also be stuffed with a filling and eaten like a sandwich.

Swedish Rye

Swedish rye is also called limpa. It contains the dark flour that comes from the rye plant, mixed with wheat flour. This crusty, chewy yeast bread includes molasses and brown sugar and several flavorings. The most common additions to Swedish rye are grated orange peel, caraway seeds, anise seeds, and raisins.


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